These 5 Tools Will Give Your Lending Business The Digital Edge With Integrated Lending Software

Brian D’Arcy

Loan automation software is the new black; at least it is in the world of local lenders. Banks and credit unions are more attuned now than ever to the need for a shift in mindset and functionality to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the digital era. Unfortunately, many small to medium enterprises don’t have the capital to invest in advanced tech and are discouraged by lengthy processes of a complete transition to digital lending solutions. 

Luna Connect aims to bridge this gap with its new out-of-the-box platform that gives local lenders a ready-to-use, easy-to-integrate product. We employ the following five tools to make digital transformation possible within weeks.


With Luna’s Digital Tools, customers have 24/7 access to the online loan application process, which is seamless, convenient and personalised. Our Web UI works across all devices and supports multiple financial products. Our platform also guarantees secure information sharing through document AI and automated verification such as biometric facial capture. Throughout the digital onboarding process, customers are assured that all data captured is protected and encrypted for their safety and privacy.


As a cloud-based platform, Luna Connect provides much-needed Management Tools that are helping lenders streamline operations. Things like dashboarding, reporting and remote working become much easier for business continuity. It allows customer targeting with automatic verification and uses AI-driven analytics and insights to help you make quicker, more informed decisions. With Luna’s management tools, you can also integrate your marketing campaigns in terms of email or web enquiries, lead funnelling and enjoy real-time reporting.


Luna Connect’s integration layer provides for easy and instant integration into core banking platforms and external data. You can enjoy an open platform for third-party integration, you can integrate data sources such as credit check and company verification, and you can make use of open banking integration, which uses algorithms to identify affordability and machine learning models to predict approvals in milliseconds.


Cloud-based systems provide for scalability, business continuity, redundancy, and data protection using local data centres. With Luna’s Cloud Tools, the latest technologies are used for hosting in the Google Cloud Platform. This way, you have access to scalable architecture that supports institutions of any size, and business operations can continue smoothly with adequate storage space for your data and disaster recovery plans in place.


Regulatory compliance is critical to the success of any financial services institution, and Luna Connect provides you with end-to-end financial and data compliance processes and security. Our compliance tools include the highest levels of security and a fully GDPR compliant platform. We ensure the latest cloud technologies, such as Automated digital KYC and ID&V onboarding and all personal data can be collected from a single, secure platform. You can also automatically connect to 3rd party data via APIs.


Luna Connect provides a digital lending platform that provides a ready-made tech suite to empower local lending institutions struggling to transition into the digital era. With no capital investments, the customer-centric online experience offered by Luna Connect is easy to integrate in a matter of weeks using these five tools. If you’re eager to take your services to the next level, visit our site.

Brian D’Arcy
Founder & CEO, Luna Connect Digital Lending Software