Announcing: Luna Connect’s Partner Program

Here at Luna Connect, we pride ourselves on our passion and affinity for creating mutually-beneficial relationships with all of our partners. In these partnerships, we help our partners build great relationships with their clients. To achieve this goal, we are thrilled to introduce Luna Connect’s partner program. The aim of our partner program is to help us expand into new markets globally and introduce the world to our innovative offerings.

At Luna Connect, both partnership and collaboration are top priorities. We partner with third-party technology providers, core banking, consultants and other experts to provide local and regional financial institutions and alternative lenders with best-in-class solutions and services. For example, Luna is partnered with consulting and implementation firm Next Wave Africa as its go-to-market partner for the African continent. Next Wave provides Fintech firms with instant access to the African market as well as consulting services such as customer journey mapping and project implementation and training. Luna is also partnered with tech firm Folio, who helps Luna Connect process Know Your Customer (KYC) with their sophisticated facial recognition biometrics software.

Why Partner With Us?

Partnering with Luna Connect means developing a mutually beneficial relationship with a company you can trust. You can expect to benefit in many different ways, including:

  • Your solution stack is improved by our technology

The Luna Connect Digital Lending Platform offers the most advanced digital lending solution for local and regional financial institutions. 

  • New revenue, more stickiness

By implementing complementary technologies, you can create new revenue streams and improve relationships with your customers by growing even closer to them.

  • We understand your process and interests

Our significant experience in banking technology enables us to provide dependability, integration and speed.

  • Security

By using the latest platforms and frameworks, Luna Connect ensures that its systems are secure and not susceptible to cyber-attacks.

  • Financial institutions expect the right tools and a seamless user experience

Our compatibility with core banking and other technologies ensures seamless integration and personalised digital customer experiences.

How We Engage With Partners

At Luna Connect, we see a future in which our partner network thrives and provinces business development as well as professional services to each of our clients. Because Luna’s technology is so advanced, it has the advantage of being quickly and easily integrated with any of the services offered by our esteemed partners. Luna intends to provide product training and work closely with each of our partners to develop any required demos, proposals and scopes of work documents when needed. The professional services typically provided to our customers include digital assessments, online customer journey mapping, and project implementation plans.

Pricing Structure To Benefit Partners And Customers

Luna Connect’s pricing model is based on alignment with the digital transformation journey of a financial institution from a commercial and strategic perspective. With the design of our SaaS-based (Software as a Service) subscription model, our customers will see significant growth in their online businesses. Using Luna’s cloud-based infrastructure and SaaS, our clients have the benefit of not having to incur any costly capital investments. Digitally transforming operating models along the lines of Luna’s Digital Lending Platform exponentially reduces the cost and risk for our partners. As a result, a symbiotic model is created that keeps the right incentives in place, ensuring that the best commercial outcomes are achieved while improving your digital customer experience.

Why Luna?

It’s often the case that lending institutions have a desire to be online, yet they just don’t know how to get started. Throughout your digital transformation journey, Luna Connect can assist you. In addition to automating essential facets of the lending process, our digital platform uses AI to enable knowledgeable decisions and performance dashboards. Using our professional services division, you can commence with customer journey mapping and secure success with various project implementation advisory services.

Luna Connect makes your digital transformation journey simple with our innovative platform. You can expect advantages such as:

  • Identify pain points, create solutions and develop an implementation strategy by mapping customer interactions and internal processes.
  • Optimise your marketing budget by integrating marketing analytics with the loan application process.
  • Automating internal processes will reduce costs and speed up application processing.
  • With integrated KYC and ID&V checks, you can onboard new customers remotely.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow for better-informed decisions.
  • A visual representation of applications by stage, turnaround times, demographics, and trends.
  • Continual monitoring of KPIs to ensure the migration from offline to online is successful.

About Luna Connect

With Luna Connect’s digital lending platform, local financial institutions can enhance member and customer relationships and combine them with a personalised online experience. In just a few weeks, community banks, building societies and credit unions can provide digital lending experiences that imitate the amiable branch experience in a convenient online setting. What’s more, there is no capital investment!

In addition to our world-class digital platform, Luna Connect places great importance on staying abreast of the latest technologies and being innovators in our field. Our team has substantial experience in developing digital lending capabilities, including internal processes, customer journeys, onboarding, user experience and AI-driven analytics. While digital transformation journeys can be challenging, we strive to make them as uncomplicated as possible.

By partnering with Luna Connect, you are choosing to nurture a mutually beneficial relationship that will help you grow your business. You will also be assisted in fostering closer relationships with your customers with an individualised online experience. 

If you’re interested in partnering with the Luna Connect team or would like to learn more, visit our website or contact us.

CEO & Founder of Luna Connect
Brian D’Arcy