Using Luna Connect’s Technology Tools To Benefit Your Financial Institution

Brian D’Arcy

Digitise or fail. It’s that simple. Traditional banking methods are just not powerful enough to keep up with the demands of today’s digitally shrewd customers. 

Keeping digitally current can be difficult, and expensive. It is easy to be intimidated by the sheer volume of options available, and it’s difficult to know which one is right for you and your business. Luckily, the experts at Luna Connect have compiled five innovative digital tools for your financial institution to use to ensure that you reach your potential, and skyrocket your growth, and unlike other digitisation plans, these tools are designed to make your life easier, and running your business much simpler.  

Luna Connect Technology

Digital Tools

Luna Connect’s GDPR compliant Digital Tools are the perfect platform for online lending, onboarding and new account registration. In other words, Luna’s Digital Tools fully modernise your clients’ application process, by making it completely digital. It all happens online.

This gives your business access to many benefits, including rapid online access, a fully online digital experience that can be used from any device all over the world and the added benefit of an increased online presence without any capital investment. See short video on Digital Tools here. 

Luna Connect Digital Tools

Marketing & Management Tools

Luna Connect’s Marketing And Management Tools integrate your marketing and lending data giving end to end visibility of campaign efficacy. Never miss an opportunity with better pipeline management from enquiry to decision. Keeping in contact with your clients has never been easier with automated communication and followup technology. 

The Marketing & Management Tools provide you with more resources to find more customers in previously untapped markets, while a real-time AI lending platform helps your teams make better decisions, increasing workplace efficiency and productivity. See short video on Marketing & Management Tools here. 

Luna Connect Marketing and Management Tools

Integration Tools

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better off you and your financial institution will be. Luna’s Integration Tools allow you to quickly and seamlessly obtain the necessary banking data, credit checks, address verifications, and KYC to properly conduct business and reduce risk while providing your customers with an unparalleled customer experience. See short video on Integration Tools here. 

Luna Connect Integration Tools

Cloud Tools

Luna Connect’s Cloud Tools are perfectly suited to managing the security, availability, and scalability of your financial institution. Our Cloud Tools enable secure remote access to data and processes, no matter where you are, and gives you a platform that encourages innovation and successful product launches. 

Cloud Tools scalable architecture supports businesses of any size, and grows with your business, enabling you to expand freely. It’s also compliant with data protection legislation like GDPR by hosting data in your own region.

It also allows your employees to be more flexible about the way they work, onsite, remotely or in a hybrid model. See short video on Cloud Tools here. 

Luna Connect Cloud Tools

Compliance Tools

Financial institutions are responsible for the security and safekeeping of the client and member funds.. This responsibility requires you and your financial institution to seek the best data compliance tools possible. Luna Connect’s compliance tools are state of the art, providing your company with powerful, certified end-to-end financial and data compliance processes that provide peace of mind with regards to security and data protection. 

Trust is a commodity your financial institution cannot afford to lose, and thanks to Luna Connect’s Compliance Tools, you never will. Your clients will rest peacefully, secure in the knowledge that their financial data is in safe hands. See short video on Compliance Tools here. 

Luna Connect Compliance Tools


In the 20th century, core banking software became a standard piece of infrastructure for all lenders. As the 21st century has brought us into a world of online banking, a digital lending platform has become just as important, if not more important, component to grow your client and member base as well as your loan book as a whole.

Brian D’Arcy
CEO & Founder of Luna Connect