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Create new digital customer experiences, and automate loan origination using alternative data and artificial intelligence. With just two lines of HTML add Luna Connect to your website, and become a digital lender without expensive integration projects

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Why Luna Connect?

Increase Revenue

Grow revenue online with a easy to use software platform and low integration costs

Improve Customer Experience

Provide quicker decisions and a simple online process for borrowers

Increase Efficiency

Automate applications, data gathering and analysis for new loans

Reduce Risk

Make better decisions with high quality data, real time algorithms and artificial intelligence

How it works

Borrowers Apply

Online loan application and data integrations such as Open Banking provided out-of-the-box, and are added to your existing website with just two lines of HTML

Automatic Analysis

Streamline loan origination using alternative data and artificial intelligence. Make faster credit decisions using the latest technologies

Lenders Decide

Make quicker lending decisions using the Luna Connect Lender Portal, and integrate with existing systems and processes using developer friendly APIs


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