helping you
make better decisions

Luna Connect enables local lending institutions to provide a personalised customer experience, automate repetitive tasks, and use AI-driven insights and analytics to grow revenue, reduce costs, and help you make better decisions.

The Luna Digital Lending Platform technology covers five categories; Digital Tools, Management Tools, Integration Tools, Cloud Tools, and Compliance Tools.

Digital Tools

Luna Platform’s digital layer provides a fully functional digital borrowing, onboarding, and new account signup experience for your customers and members. Users will be able to fully complete their loan application online and upload supporting documents which are automatically verified. The entire online experience is seamless and convenient to the user.

Online Applications

24/7 online access to customer applications and accounts. You will provide a personalised online application process that’s customized based on your customers products and credit policy.

All devices, all channels

Luna’s Web User Interface (UI) works across all device types (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop), and supports multiple financial products.

Lending journey integration

The platform combines customer journeys to provide seamless experiences for users.
Integrated customer onboarding supports new account opening or re-capture of documentation for compliance purposes. For example, a combined new loan journey combines digital onboarding, account opening, and loan application into a single process for the user.

Automated Verification

  • Checks include ID document validation, selfie capture, liveness detection, and biometric facial match between ID documents and selfie. The platform then gathers the required data from users via personalised user journeys.

  • Full KYC and ID&V checks are completed within the web user interface with no external app installs required.

Data Protection

  • The Luna Platform is fully GDPR compliant.

  • All data captured from the user is securely stored and processed in Luna Connect’s core platform.

  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Secure Information Sharing

  • The platform supports document uploads and validation, integrated Open Banking, credit checks and other 3rd party data sources that require user consent to access personal data.

  • The Luna Platform pulls data from 3rd party systems via APIs, such as Open Banking and Credit Ratings. Document AI used to process and validate data from documents
    and images uploaded as part of the application process.

Management Tools

Luna Platform’s management layer ensures integrated internal processes, reporting, and management dashboards.

Customer targeting

Automatic address verification and common bond validation for financial institutions targeting customers in a specific geographical area.

Business Continuity

Enable remote working: Luna’s cloud-based platform enables all workloads to be conducted remotely online.


AI-driven analytics and insights: Algorithms are used to process data gathered from users and present dashboards and scorecards to the lending team so they can make quicker, more informed decisions.

Pipeline management

View and manage application activity. Application activity data available at each stage to managers and team leaders, who can assign owners, review
dates, and more.

Real-time reporting

All events in the Luna Connect Platform are available for reporting in the dashboards instantly via real-time reporting and data analytics. Dashboards provide the ability to slice and dice data into customer reporting requirements.

Marketing Campaign Integration

  • Integrate marketing and lending data with Luna Connect’s inbound channels, including API, Web Enquiries, Email enquiries and Referrals.
  • All leads are funneled into a single platform where you can get a single view of all

  • Email automation provides customers with automated follow-up and reminders to progress users through the application and onboarding process.

  • Insights into campaign effectiveness so you can see which campaigns generate the
    most leads and most closed deals.

Integration Tools

Luna Platform’s integration layer provides for easy and instant integration into core banking platforms and external data sources.

Open Platform

  • Agile/Open APIs for 3rd party banking platform integration

  • API platform with standard REST \ JSON APIs that can be used to access all the functionality of the platform via an API call.

Integrate Data Sources

  • Bring together all data sources required to streamline lending and onboarding processes for financial institutions. These can include credit checks, company information, address verification, open banking, background checks, and more.

Open Banking Integration

  • Algorithms used to identify patterns in Open Banking data, flag transactions, verify
    income, and identify affordability.
  • Machine Learning models leverage historical data to accurately predict approvals in milliseconds.

Cloud Tools

Cloud-based systems provide for scalability, business continuity, redundancy, and data protection using local data centers.

Customer targeting

  • The latest cloud technologies are used for hosting in the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Scalable architecture supports institutions of any size, small or large.
  • The platform leverages cloud capabilities to ensure business continuity and disaster
    recovery, using multi-site and regional replication of data.

  • Ability to host data in your own region to comply with personal data protection
    legislation such as GDPR.

Compliance Tools

Regulatory compliance is critical to the success of any financial services institution. Luna Connect provides you with end-to-end financial and data compliance processes and

Security Best Practices

Highest levels of security following 
global best practices

Online Consents

Required consents are gathered in the online application

Automated Digital KYC

Automated digital KYC and ID&V onboarding

GDPR Compliant

Automated digital KYC and ID&V onboarding

Secure Platform

Collect personal data from a single secure platform

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting ensures the latest technologies

Automated Integration

Automatically connect to 3rd party data via APIs